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286 thoughts on “Swimmers

    1. Went a little through your blog and I like your writings! Though I noticed I was scrolling a bit through your blog. I suggest using the “read more” tag. When you’re writing your post, just insert the tag where you want the article to stop being seen before your open it on the website, and it means less scrolling for your readers, and therefore they’ll see more of your posts. I elaborate more on this on #13 on this post: http://theinquisitivewriter.com/newbie-blogging-tips/ Though it’s completely optional if you want to use it, just giving you a suggestion 🙂

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      1. Thanks Jo. I am really struggling with the technical side of things with my blog. I wanted to set up separate pages for my short stories and my poems, but I set the pages up but couldn’t work out how to move my writings to the appropriate page….I would love to add this “read more” tag, I will read your article and see if I understand what it means. I am also on the free package for WordPress so i don’t know if I can do a lot of that stuff. I am not earning at the moment so can’t afford to upgrade. Anyway, thanks for putting up with my clumsy blog and reading my stuff. Much appreciated 🙂

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      1. Thank you! And also there is poetry on my blog. If you go to my actual website or WordPress.com, my sixth post down is titled “A poem about march + a free printable” and the ninth post down is titled “2012 ~ a poem” Also, if you go to categories > poem > others will pop up too. My theme is Serenti, but I have a self-hosted blog so it might not be one on WordPress.com. Checked out your poem – it’s great!

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    1. Hey lobouniverse, I just looked through your recipes and they looked delicious! I also love how you give people suggestions on where to look for ingredients or alternative ingredients if they are unable to find the ones used in your recipe. Great stuff!

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  1. Hi everyone. How are you? I hope you’re having a great day. I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my blog here at https://chocolatevybz.wordpress.com. It means a lot that I (and so many other bloggers) have the support of the blogging community. Please follow me too, it’s greatly appreciate. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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  2. Have you ever been caught taking a photo of yourself for your blog in a really, really, stupid place? https://knurly.wordpress.com/2018/06/12/theres-no-magic-only-getting-caught-taking-a-selfie-in-a-public-bathroom-stall-fuck-my-sunglasses-part-ii/

    Anyway, my views and comments have dropped a ton the last month and I’m starting to wonder if it’s because my content is lacking. I don’t always plan stuff out, I just go with what I like. Any feedback is always appreciated?



  3. I’m pretty new at blogging (four months). I am varying the travel topics I cover to see which generate the most interest. I’ve covered a bit of solo travel, food, study abroad. Has anyone else received notification of blog followers from an outlook.com address that don’t pan out as followers on the website list? (I’ve received 17) Any suggestions? Thanks very much. http://fakeflamenco.com


    1. I have to have lists down on paper! I’ve tried to go digital with my lists & planner, but just can’t. I’m obsessed with paper planners & notebooks. It’s kind of a problem!


    2. I am a list person as well. My lists have lists lol. Seriously though, I find that keeping lists helps me to organize my thoughts since they are so random at time. Some people think I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), where I can’t stay focused on things. I beg to differ. God bless you.


    1. That is a great list. I personally would add these from trying to start up my own business:

      1. When you start working.
      2. How much work you will do.
      3. Who your clientele will be.
      4. What you will do for work.
      5. Where you will work at for the day.
      6. Why you choose to provide a service to others.

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  4. Hey Novus, just wondering if you plan to start a First Friday as well? I suddenly realized I missed scrolling thru new blogs and checking out fresh faces. If not, that’s fine too, I just wondered if that was in the works.


      1. Agreed. And thanks for reading and for sharing your post. I like it. I don’t necessarily I agree with the part about being treated equally – fairly, yes. But each child is different and as parents, we also grow and learn with each parenting experience.

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  5. Hi, I’m Kat, and I’m a millennial who snowbirds annually and is about ready to settle my butt down (I have a little bundle of joy due in about two weeks).
    My blog is a bowlful of sarcasm, real talk, and life experiences (about pregnancy, family, travel and love). I will be doing reviews at some point as well.

    Check out my blog and give any tips you can think of. I would love to expand my reader base.


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  6. My partner and I have started converting our own campervan and we spend the rest of our time out walking/camping where we live in the Lake District, UK.

    It’s such an exciting project for us and I love being able to share it – any advice or tips are welcome too!


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      1. It just didn’t seem as fun to get someone else to do all the work, and so far it has been kind to us so we feel we made the right decision in taking it on – I will keep that luck stored for any issues we come across in the future through!


  7. Hi, those who don’t know me, my name is Aparna and I’m a book blogger. The latest one which I had reviewed has touched a chord in my heart.

    There is always a taboo associated with any illness. The people here are either categorised are ‘differentially different’ or are looked down upon the society. Either way, they are objectified. Squirming under the sympathetic glances, they long to be treated as a normal human being. What we are forgetting is that they are as normal as us and are capable of perceiving emotions.

    Even though India has made considerable progress since independence, there is no proper statistical data, diagnosis and health experts to treat Trisomy 21. Full review on my blog.


    Have a great week everyone❤️😊


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