Have you just published a new post and are need some feedback? Do you need some advice on your blog theme & layout ? Maybe you’re a newbie and need to increase your audience?

Just leave your question in the comment section adding your blog’s address. I’m sure you’ll get the help you need.

Here are some tips to make this gathering a productive space

  • Don’t just throw your link and walk away, ’cause it will be seen as a spam.

  • Leave a comment or two in other bloggers’ comment
  • Don’t duplicate threads.
  • Be friendly.
  • If you’re looking for a specific feedback, be specific.
  • To keep from losing your place, right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window.
  • Spread the word that a new community pool is open
  • Most importantly : I know that some of you spam other bloggers to make themselves known by liking ALL their comments. Please DON’T DO THAT. I’m not Ben Huberman who can handle all your “likes“. I’m a lonely blogger who wants to make you a happy by allowing you to promote your blog on mine.
  • Have fun!!

468 thoughts on “Swimmers

  1. Hey everyone! Just found this blog and as I approach my one year anniversary with my own blog I would love some feedback on my posts. Check it out at damarministries1991.wordpress.com



  2. mylastditcheffort.wordpress.com
    I had a blog a long time ago, which is why I thought to come here and try this. Please check out my blog (it’s well written, if a little tactless). My apologies to this blogger, but since they’ve shut down the community pool and first Friday, I had nowhere to try and spread this. Please remove it if you hate it/are against it/etc. I understand.


    1. Sounds like a great July! And fun pics here. In my opinion, when you’ve been away from a writing process for a long time–and you’ve changed and your writing and thinking has improved–you should start over from the beginning. I think writing projects have an energy, and it’s best to spill the entire story in one fell swoop (even if that means months or a year). Best of luck! I tried to comment on your site, but it wouldn’t let me comment through WordPress(?) Maybe you’d check out my blog? https://rustbeltgirlblog.wordpress.com/


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