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274 thoughts on “Swimmers

    1. I loved your blog! You seem so dedicated towards it that it inspired me in a way…And I definitely think that you should post a Part 2 for the “Why I’m Self-Publishing” post. I really enjoyed joining you while you traced your journey!
      Best of luck for your self-publishing journey ahead!

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words! ❤ ❤ ❤ I really appreciate your reading and commenting. ❤ ❤ ❤ And yes, I think I will definitely be writing a "Why I'm Self-Publishing Part 2". 🙂 Thank you for the feedback!! ❤

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  1. Good Monday!

    I blog about lucid dreaming, dreams where the dreamer knows they are dreaming, allowing them to control the dream, fly, conduct experiments, and gain inspiration.
    I recently posted these two posts, and would like some feedback, perhaps regarding the layout and placement of headings and pictures. They are here and here.

    Looking forward to your comments! 🙂

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    1. This was really interesting to me. Each of your “My Beatitudes” have to do with nearly everything that The Bible teaches all True Christians in how they are to live in the world today. When we are able to live as True Christians are meant to live then we will be able to do all of these things, and we will find favor with everyone.

      Think about it: His Story has become My Life. God bless you.

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      1. Thanks for your lovely insight and I’m thrilled that you read it the way you did. It’s really different because while it has the appearance (at a glance) to be contradictory, it’s essentially not.

        I’m a born again Christian and I strive to find balance between who I am, and who I’m called to be.
        I believe we are called to be a balance of all those things. But in today’s world, people tend to be extreme.

        I want to be able to be myself and grow, while striving to be like Christ.

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        1. That is perfectly fine to do, but be careful that you don’t fall into the deception of wanting to be yourself more than wanting to be like God. It is a common tactic that our enemies (Satan, his Demons, and those who truly worship him instead of God) will try to use against us.

          Check out some of my Bible Study Posts I have put up here on WordPress.com to see how deep there are things to learn about The Bible, and how to live life as a True Christian. Many of these are controversial to many people today because they are not ready to go deep into The Bible. God bless you.

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    1. Liked your article! I agree with you completely and am a true fan of butter – especially after seeing how the French relish it in their cooking and baking. And oh the flavour it adds! It’s magic! I’d appreciate it if you would check out my blog. You might enjoy this article: http://www.labeillefrancaise.net/a-buttercream-snow-day/

      One suggestion: add more photos – I find that they help keep people’s interest when reading.

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        1. I didn’t think I was a good photographer either but I’ve been very surprised with how easy technology makes it to take and enhance photos to a fairly decent level. I’d encourage you to play with it.


  2. As I was being otherwise engaged in my partner’s ascent of Mount Everest (nerves only just getting back to normal), I discovered the Community Pool has been disbanded. Thank goodness I’ve discovered this forum so I can keep in touch with all my buddies!
    If you want to hear what’s been pre-occupying me for the last two months, you can read my partner’s account of climbing Mount Everest (warning, it’s not for the faint-hearted!)

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  3. Hi Everyone,

    I have published another post # 28

    As humans we come across different instances in life where we have to either make a decision or perform an action immediately. However, as part of our human psychology there is a constant struggle with our self-control in focusing on the task, which are easier or enjoyable first, and the harder ones later on. Let not mix it up with laziness, which is the unwillingness to act or take any decisions. In reality, time is a perishable item and is lost forever if not utilized at the right moment. Here is a conversation of how a grandmother hit on the nail while conversing with her grandson.


    Any comments/feedback is welcome.

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    1. Interesting read, and this gives me some great ides for new creatures to put into a story, or even something for a gaming company for a new series of games. I would say to patent this, but you got the information from another source, so that is out of the question sadly. Interesting talking about Darwin as well. I know something else that is interesting about Darwin. 3 things actually.

      1st, he was an Atheist when he wanted to proved that The Creation Account found in Genesis 1 didn’t happen the way that The Bible teaches us.

      2nd, after creating his Theory of Evolution, and he was questioned about it once that if birds were created before man, then wouldn’t that prove that evolution was a lie, therefore proving de-evolution, thusly debunking evolution using logic as well science; and he admitted that he made up his Theory of Evolution in the hopes he could prove that The Bible was lying.

      3rd, he spent the rest of his life living as a True Christian, and even used various studies in science to prove that God did make everything, including all life as we know it, and this explains why all of a sudden there were millions of different animals as well as humans all at once.

      I hope you find all of this interesting. God bless you.


  4. Right now, I am a new Blogger. I actually started writing when I started to think about “perspective” of each one of us. How we think about a certain moment or person in our whole life and how it effects both of us and how our life sculpts according to it?And so I have written 2 blogs on it. Let me know your ‘perspective’ too about my posts and any suggestions regarding anything on my blog is highly appreciated. Here’s the link – https://unspokentruths7.wordpress.com
    I love you all guys. You all are doing a wonderful job of connecting newbies like us into this whole community world of bloggers. Thank you!

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  5. Hey bloggers!
    I recently completed writing my first short story and have posted it on my blog. I’d really appreciate if you guys could take a look at it and share your reviews or tips with me.
    The three chapters are as follows:
    Do check it out! Happy reading!

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  6. Thanks for opening a new community pool! 🙂

    I have some new posts up on my blog…

    THE L LIST – where I show you some of the awesome music, TV and books I’ve been into lately: https://thelanguageofl.wordpress.com/2018/07/02/the-l-list/

    And if you’ve ever wanted an English lesson from Drake, Batman, or Alice in Wonderland, look no further: https://thelanguageofl.wordpress.com/2018/06/27/beauty-blogger-blunders-how-to-write-an-instagram-caption-like-a-literal-ahem-literate-boss/

    Looking forward to discovering some new blogs here! 🙂

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  7. Hello! I have recently started a news-style blog with the aim of providing concise summaries of events in politics in the UK, USA, France and Canada. My articles will be in French or English. I would really appreciate any feedback.


    Bonjour! Récemment j’ai commencé un blog de la nouvelle pour fournir des sommaires concis des événements politiques dans la France, le Canada, les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni. Les articles seront rédigés en français ou anglais. Je ne suis pas une locutrice native donc j’apprécie beaucoup du feedback.


    1. Hey girl! I love your latest post, and basically started my own blog based on the same premise- embracing the unexpected! One piece of feedback: I couldn’t find the Follow button anywhere, which made it hard for me to follow you. Maybe add this widget onto your side bar to easily attract new followers? x


  8. Hey friends! I’ve just started a new blog and was hoping to get some feedback and advice on the aesthetic of my site and whether it’s something people will benefit from. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thank you! x http://www.ashchow.com


  9. Hello there bloggers!
    I’d really appreciate some feedback on my latest post
    AN ELEGY TO ME…https://fictivefinesseff.wordpress.com/2018/07/20/an-elegy-to-me/
    It is one of the first poems that I’ve composed without a rhyming scheme so I’m kinda new at it and would welcome any advice or reviews…
    Happy reading!✌


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