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199 thoughts on “Swimmers

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Here is our new post –
    In the long run, many incidents unknowingly lead to Mental Abuse and disrespecting your spouse is just one of them. By disrespecting your spouse or partner either in private or public, you are putting that individual at a risk where now the abuse can take various forms and kinds (a ​majority of the times it is mental abuse) sometimes by our very own family members. Here is an excerpt of one such case where the mental abuse started in private and then continued in the next ​generation.


    All feedback is welcome


    1. I really like the use of short and concise paragraphs.
      Personally I prefer reading on a white background as opposed to the brown one. I know that’s the colour theme so I understand why you’d have that it’s just my preference

      Thanks for sharing



  2. Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread, but I am thinking about doing one guest post per month on my blog. I was thinking of letting other bloggers share their favourite hike. The posts would all have a similar ‘build’. That way after a while we’ll have a nice list of hikes around the world.

    So two questions:
    1) Does anyone have experience good/bad with this?
    2) anyone interested in doing a guest post 😉 For this to work there needs to be a ‘link’ between our blogs. For instance, I think, a beauty blogger posting wouldn’t make much sense. Anyone posting related to travel, hiking, camping, adventures,…. would make more sense (or am I wrong in this?)

    Would love your opinions on this!


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    1. What I write about isn’t really in relation to anything that you’re thinking of writing in your guest post, but I definitely think that the concept is great and that you should go for it!!
      MIxing it up on your blog can help attract new followers, and it really makes it so it’s never boring for you!!

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      1. Hey Laurie! I’m still a newbie myself (started in april). Had a look at your blog, looks good 😀 I would love to have you as a guest post! 😀 I’ve send you a message via your website, that way we don’t have to talk details here 🙂

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  3. Hi everyone! I took a break from my blig for a whule after having my baby but I’m getting back into it now! Thinking of upgrading, has anyone done it? Did you find it worth it?
    Here are my latest 2 posts about preparing my family for and adjusting to life with a new baby. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and i will return the favor!


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