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44 thoughts on “Swimmers

  1. Dear swimmers,
    This is the last part of my first story. It has four small parts. The last part is somewhat very special to me. It is my first attempt at writing a story and a poem. Your feedback is much needed.
    On the start of the new year, I wish you all a very prosperous, exciting and fulfilling new year with some great ideas and creative genius in blogging.
    Novus … thanks heaps for the platform

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    1. I personally didn’t like the part where you said “so don’t drink if you don’t want to die”. Not sure if it was meant to be a joke! Maybe word it a bit differently next time. Just giving my feedback not trying to be hateful, I did like the enthusiasm in the paragraph before that 😊


  2. Hope everyone has enjoyed themselves over the past week or so. It’s been lovely seeing everyone’s photos and hearing what they have been up to during this busy time of year. He was a little post from me to give you a flavour of my travels to spend time with my family.


    Hoping to find the time to share more about my time with my family.
    Look forward to lots more posts from you all in 2019!

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