Attention Swimmers!

I’ve noticed a rollback in the swimming pool.

Some are posting their links but are not visiting other blogger’s post hence the community pool isn’t flourishing .

You must see what the others are posting or no one will visit your link.

It is a “community engagement place” don’t just leave your link.

Plus spread the word about this community pool. It is going down!

Here are the monthly stats. If it continues like this , I’m going to shut it down due to the lack of visitors .

If you want to see the community pool keep on going, spread the word as much as you can.

This is a Global Warning

33 thoughts on “Attention Swimmers!

  1. I should definitely comment more in the pool!! I havenโ€™t been blogging for a little bit, but now that Iโ€™m back iโ€™ll definitely make it a priority to come here whenever I can and look at other posts linked in the comments!! Thanks for the warning!!

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  2. I will try to do my best to visit more of those how shares their blog here!
    I have to be honest that I have been lazy lately, but the reason has been that I have been moving out and had some bad internet connetion and had too little time to relax.
    Now I do have time to read blogs again! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Unfortunately, I do not have as much time for blogging as I used to. Therefore, I do not participate at all. If you post a link, you HAVE to visit others. But I can’t say I’m surprised. I remember the same thing was happening with the old CP. Hopefully this will wake them up!

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  4. It’s such a shame. I do visit and leave them likes and comments on their blogs but the favour is never returned. It feels disappointing and disheartening when the love isn’t reciprocated!

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  5. Whatโ€™s up people, oh wait, are you happy?
    I have my new blog out on
    Go check it out!

    Please share it forward to people and ask them to do the same if you like it and find I relatable by any chance! I just want to reach out to many people.

    Thank you
    Happy reading!


  6. I will try my best to comment as much as possible. If anyone would like to check out my blog, here it is:
    Itโ€™s mostly my travel journals. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!


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